Who are the ambassadors?

Congress ambassadors are academics, scientists, professionals, businessmen, sportsmen and successful individuals who are experts in their fields and are ready to promote their destination and compete to host an international event in Slovenia with the support of the local and national convention bureau and its partners.

Testimonials of Local experts and ambassadors

"As the co-chair of the local organizing committee of the largest congress in 2019 in Ljubljana, ESPID 2019, I connected with the Ljubljana Convention Bureau of Ljubljana Tourism – KUL, who lent me professional support in the application process and later in presenting and promoting the congress. Together with the chosen venue and KUL we presented the destination impeccably to foreign professional congress organizers and we will continue cooperating in this spirit until the end of the event, where we expect over 2.000 participants. KUL also supported me in presenting the destination for an EBJIS congress, which will take place in Ljubljana in 2020. The congress organizers from Denmark were intrigued by our city and are already thinking about other possible projects in Ljubljana."

Prof.Ph.D., Marko Pokorn

MD, spec. pediatrician and infectologist, University Medical Center Ljubljana, Department of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana (Member of European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases - ESPID and European Bone and Joint Infections Association - EBJIS)

"The Slovenian Convention Bureau played a crucial role in our association’s decision to compete for the European Congress of Sports Medicine. They offered us professional support in choosing the technical organizer of the congress (PCO), finding the appropriate venue for the event, and helped us prepare the winning bid. I would gladly recommend the Slovenian Convention Bureau to everyone who has the possibility to bid for an international scientific-professional event."

Assist. prof. Ph. D., Petra ZUPET

MD, PeT, PhD, IMS Institute for Medicine and Sports

"We wish to host more international events in our scientific-research field in Slovenia. Last year we decided to bid for the EuChemS and EuropaCat congresses. The decision was based on our great cooperation with the Slovenian Convention Bureau, their advice and presentation of how they can support us in the entire process. The Slovenian Convention Bureau also assisted us in choosing the fitting PCO and obtaining support from the destination. I believe such cooperation is crucial for individual professionals in their respective fields. Based on our great experience we will continue to bid for selected congresses in our field in the future. "

Prof. Ph.D., Albin Pintar

research professor, head of the Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia and president of Slovenian Chemical Society.

"In 2006 Slovenia successfully hosted the 7th European Trauma Congress (ETS) in Ljubljana. After meeting with the Slovenian Convention Bureau and a thorough reflection we have decided to bid for another international congress. I am happy to share that we have been successful and will be bringing the 22nd international ECTES congress to Slovenia in 2021, which will bring more than 1.200 participants to Ljubljana. The Slovenian Convention Bureau supported us with their knowledge and experience through all the phases from assembling to handing in our bid. The national convention bureau played a very important role in this process and I am looking forward to our cooperation with new projects."

Prof. Ph.D., Radko Komadina

M.D., Counsellor, a specialist in General and Traumatology Surgery, President of the Slovenian Medical Association and President of the Skeletal Trauma and Sports Medicine Section of the European ESTES Association, honourable Slovenian Congress Ambassador 2019