About the programme

Main features of the Slovenian Ambassador program

The Slovenian Ambassador Program contributes to Slovenia’s greater success in the internationalization of science, professional areas of expertise, economy and sports. It aims to identify, recognize and support Slovenian scientists, doctors, professors, researchers, business people, athletes and other individuals who are members of international associations, experts in their respective fields and who strive to bring international events to Slovenia.

The Slovenian ambassador program was launched with the support of Slovenian Tourist Board, the Ljubljana Convention Bureau at Ljubljana Tourism, and sixteen joining partners in 2019 thus at the moment connects 25 Congress ambassadors. The program offers a set of activities, tools and support services designed by local destination ambassador clubs and partners, aimed to inspire and assist Ambassadors to bid for and host prestigious international meetings & conferences in Slovenia.

The benefits

The benefits for the Ambassadors as being part of the »exclusive ambassador club« enables them to exchange ideas and experiences with other professionals and experts, gain additional knowledge in the field of organizing international conferences, gain recognition from their peers, enhance the reputation of their area of expertise they are working in and their institution (universities, medical institutions, research institutes, etc.), and generate positive effects for our destination. The benefits for the Slovenian Convention Bureau and partners are to have local individual expert »ambassador« to support a bid, attract more congresses and events to Slovenia, make it worldwide recognised meetings destination and create synergies between the various existing sectors and meeting suppliers in Slovenia.

The program promotes Slovenia as a destination for international scientific, professional and business events. The aim is to increase the number of international meetings in Slovenia. We have the required infrastructure and experienced suppliers, who can bring to life even the most demanding international scientific- professional events.

The Slovenian Tourist Board is pleased to be partnering with the Slovenian Ambassador Program. The establishment of the program provides a systematic and effective approach for connecting the best Slovenian intellectual capital in the field of science, business and sports with the Slovenian congress industry. According to the congress ambassadors, many individuals, with their knowledge and dedication, will make a crucial contribution to increasing the recognition of Slovenia, and in particular to the successful acquisition of reputable scientific, professional and business events in our country.

mag. Karmen Novarlič

Head of Business Communication Department at Slovenian Tourist Board