Slovenian Ambassador Programme

The Slovenian Ambassador Program contributes to Slovenia’s greater success in the internationalization of science, professional areas of expertise, economy and sports.


Vojkova cesta 65,
SI-1000 Ljubljana


Phone number:

+386 01 569 12 60


The Slovenian Ambassador Program is highly important for Slovenia’s greater success in the field…


Doctors, scientists, professors, businessmen, sportsmen, members of international associations…


Professional, promotional and other support in all the phases from bidding to hosting an event.


Why become a

  • earn national and international recognition from professional colleagues and peers,
  • increase recognition of your institution, university, organisation,
  • expand your network and develop relationships that can potentially lead to forming research, partnerships and establish connections worldwide,
  • strengthen the reputation of your area of expertise and help to increase the exposure of Slovenia in that area,
  • develop knowledge in organizing international conferences and influence on the content of the conference,
  • generate positive effects for the destination – Slovenia,
  • use of all support services from the Slovenian Convention Bureau, Ljubljana Convention Bureau and 16 partners.


Ambassador profile

International congress presidents

Presidents of international congresses in the last five years and/or presidents of local organizational committees for international conferences, organized in the last five years.

University management

Management at universities, faculties, research and development centres, who are willing to help with promoting the ambassador program and identifying potential local hosts.

Doctors, professors and professionals

Doctors, professors and professionals with a strong international presence in their field, with numerous published documents in the leading international scientific-professional publications.

National association representatives

National association representatives, members of executive committees, scientific committees or other bodies in international and/or regional international associations.

Heads of national associations

Heads of national associations who are actively involved in international associations and are willing to host international meetings, congresses and conferences of the selected association.

Political leaders

Political leaders who understand the importance of the business meeting product and the hosting of international scientific-professional events for Slovenia.


How to obtain the Slovenian Congress Ambassador status?

  • Are you a member of an international association?
  • Can you as a member of an association influence on the decision of selecting a venue for future conferences?
  • Would you want to bring the next conference of your association to Slovenia?
  • Have you already organised a conference in Slovenia before?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, we invite you to join us.

If you have the possibility of bidding for an international event in Slovenia, we are here the help you!

Become part of the exclusive program as a Congress ambassador


The Slovenian Ambassador Program is led by Slovenian Convention Bureau and affiliates 6 destination ambassador clubs (local convention bureaus).

The destination ambassador club’s purpose is to enhance the promotion of city in the international meetings field, support local congress ambassadors to bring international events to the city, offers help to more efficient event completion, and provides stronger support for local and international professional, academic and expert institutions, associations and organizations.

Partners of the project