The first Congress Ambassadors of Slovenia inaugurated at Ljubljana Castle

The main event of the Slovenian Ambassador Program in 2019 was the award ceremony of the first honorary titles received by 25 Congress Ambassadors of Slovenia, which was performed on 14 November at Ljubljana. The evening was held in the cosy atmosphere of Ljubljana Castle, with the selected culinary delights of  Jezeršek Catering Team, the technical organization and logistics of the event were held under the auspices of the Paidea Agency, and the artistically coloured surprise for the respective guests were taken care of by the Lyrical Minutes in the City.

On 14th November 2019, the first Congress Ambassadors of Slovenia were awarded honorary titles at the Ljubljana Castle. The main goal of the initiative is to acknowledge and honour the individuals who have successfully hosted many international congresses or other business events and have been largely contributing...
In June 2019, the Slovenian Convention Bureau together with partners premiered the Slovenian Ambassadors Program. The event was attended by representatives of a broad range of scientific and professional institutions, universities and chambers from across the country, as well as partners of the Slovenian Ambassadors Program. The...